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An awesome comment

Karl Smith is asking what financial market participants, as opposed to central bankers or academic economists, believe QE actually achieves (or is meant to achieve).  This comment by Brito is just too awesome to not share:

Zero hedge [that’s this site] commentary suggests the fed manipulates our very life blood, as ordered by the lizard men, in order to create infinite debt and establish a soviet central planning regime.

So true …

“The writing style is academic and upset most of the time.”


Then again, Urlai also thinks that I’m over 66 years old.

Is Paul Krugman nine times as interesting as sex?

My brother, who clearly has too much spare time on his hands, was yesterday browsing through my Archive page when he discovered that I have published 18 posts that refer to ‘Paul Krugman‘ in some way, but only two posts that refer to ‘sex‘.  This, he proposed, suggested either an unhealthy attachment to Professor Krugman, or a most disappointing detachment from fornication.

The present post brings the ratio from a lofty 9:1 down to only 6.3:1, but I fear it may still be too high!  Clearly a flood of pornographic material is called for …

In honour of grad students marking exams …

… and since I finished my marking today, here are The Simpsons and PHD Comics on the typical graduate student’s lot in life in May and June:

I always thought of it as Engrish

The NY Times, writing about Shanghai’s efforts to improve it’s signs, has a gallery of amusing mis-translations from Chinese to English.  This was one of my favourites:

As an aside, I like the javascript-free technique used by the NYT developers to prevent most people from saving the images.  Here is the relevent section of the page’s HTML source:

<div class="centeredElement" style="background-image:url('');width:600px; height:400px;">
<img width="600" height="400" src="" />

If somebody right-clicks on the dispayed image (technically, the background image) and chooses to view it or save it, they get pixel.gif, which is a 1×1 clear pixel.