I always thought of it as Engrish

The NY Times, writing about Shanghai’s efforts to improve it’s signs, has a gallery of amusing mis-translations from Chinese to English.  This was one of my favourites:

As an aside, I like the javascript-free technique used by the NYT developers to prevent most people from saving the images.  Here is the relevent section of the page’s HTML source:

<div class="centeredElement" style="background-image:url('http://graphics8.nytimes.com/images/2010/05/03/world/20100503_CHINGLISH-slide-DFXB/20100503_CHINGLISH-slide-DFXB-slide.jpg');width:600px; height:400px;">
<img width="600" height="400" src="http://graphics8.nytimes.com/images/misc/pixel.gif" />

If somebody right-clicks on the dispayed image (technically, the background image) and chooses to view it or save it, they get pixel.gif, which is a 1×1 clear pixel.

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