Running (March 2012)

Generally a good month when I ran, although it had almost two weeks (11 days) off in the middle.

Count:  10 runs (February was 16; January was 10)

Distance:  73km (February was 95km; January was 57km)

Av. Pace:  5:12/km (February was 5:27/km; January was 5:48/km)

I’m now at 68 runs, covering 397km, in my current block of running (started on 10 Oct 2011) and it’s definitely showing results.  My run on 31 March (6.3km @ 4:27/km) was my fastest run over 5+ km since 1994 and possibly since late 1992.  In addition to my existing goals, I’ve now added a broader one of managing 800km (500 miles) in 2012.  That’s 67km/month.  Since I’ve averaged 75km/month for the last five, it should be entirely achievable if I stick with it.

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