A tight race in Bowman

The overall result may not be in doubt, but spare a thought for Andrew Laming (Liberal, incumbant) and Jason Young (Labor) in the Queensland seat of Bowman.

Before the election, Laming held the seat with an 8.9% margin.  It was safe, but not that safe and by the time of the election, the betting markets were leaning towards Labor (thank you, Simon Jackman). Turnout on the day was 85.25%.  With those votes counted, the primary count went to Laming (33,833 vs. 32,498), but the two-candidate preferred count is going to Young (36,693 vs. 36,672).

That’s a margin, on current counting, of just 0.014%.

The pre-poll, postal, absent and progressive votes are still being counted, but you’ve got to feel for those guys.  If Laming hasn’t worn holes in the carpet then I’m a monkey’s uncle.

Update 29 Nov 2007:  With a bit under 2,000 extra votes counted, Young appears to have squeezed a little extra traction from one fingernail.  He’s now got a margin of 0.040% (37,690 vs. 37,630).

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