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My entry into the world of blogs and web 2.0

In a recent outing to the pub, a couple of friends noted that we were three computer professionals without any real web presense. We might have attempted the odd static site over the years, but none of us had really embraced the whole web 2.0 thing. Realising that this is an embarrassing state of affairs, wanting some sort of common place to store my (public) thoughts and since economists all seem to blog these days anyway, I figured to give it a shot.

Hopefully it won’t turn into another empty, never-updated affair. 🙂

I’ve also created accounts on Facebook and Myspace, although both accounts are really just stubs at this point. I notice that facebook allows me to publish this blog directly into my facebook account (in the notes area), which is nice. Myspace seems to only allows me to publish (subscribe) to other blogs on myspace.

Are there any other networking sites I ought to be signing on to?