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I recently started playing with Spotify.  It seems good.  I’m particularly for them to start up in Australia so I can leach off my far-more-musical-than-I-am friends over there.

Anyway, I read today that they’ve introduced the Spotify Play Button: a means of embedding links to Spotify-hosted music in blogs.  I figured I’d give it a try, so here we go:

Actually, that’s still annoyingly complicated.  I shouldn’t have copy the Spotify URI, go to their website, paste in the Spotify URI, copy the iframe code and then paste it in the HTML view of a blog post.  But no doubt somebody will write a WordPress plugin to use this more sensibly.

 Update:  It looks like the embedded thingy still insists on opening the Spotify desktop app.  That’s also annoying.


I’ve updated the blog to version 3.2 of WordPress (the fullscreen editing of posts is nice).  Hopefully there’ll be no problems …

Upgrades, upgrades

The world keeps on changing under my feet.  I’ve done a few upgrades on the site — my apologies in advance if anything seems (let alone is!) broken.

Please excuse the mess …

I’m playing with my themes.

Meta and trumpet-blowing

I’ve just upgraded to version 2.8 of WordPress.  Hopefully it will improve the speed of the site.

Also, a search on google for “fiscal multiplier” puts me at number two at the moment.  I have no idea why.