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Wanted: CTRL-TAB in my browser to work as ALT-TAB does in windows

Hey, Google, Microsoft and multitudinous Firefox geeks!

At the moment, both Chrome and Firefox have the same functionality on this:

  • CTRL-TAB cycles through your tabs in the order that you’ve got them physically arranged
  • CTRL-PGUP/PGDN also does this, although obviously CTRL-PGUP goes in the opposite direction

In Internet Explorer, CTRL-TAB works the same as in Chrome and Firefox, but they don’t have the CTRL-PGUP/PGDN functionality.

I don’t know how Safari or Opera work.

I want CTRL-TAB to work in my browser like ALT-TAB does in Windows and APPLESYMBOL-TAB does on a Mac:  The order in which it cycles through them should be the order in which I last viewed them, not the order in which I opened them.  If possible, like the operating system versions, it should also show small images of each tab as I cycle through them.

That is all.

“L’Heure espagnole” and “Gianni Schicchi”

Last night Dani and I went to the Royal Opera thanks to the glories of Student Standby tickets:  £10 each!

It’s luck of the draw for where you end up sitting.  Last night we were in the nose-bleeds, but at the ROH, even there you get a perfect view and no acoustic trade-off that my untrained ears can notice.  We’ve previously managed to get seats that would ordinarily cost hundreds of pounds.

The Royal Opera - L'Heure espagnole

We saw two one-act comedic operettasRavel‘s L’Heure espagnole (the poor-quality photo above is from that – Look!  Giant breasts at the opera!) and Puccini‘s Gianni Schicchi.  Freakin’ hilarious.