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Now dormant

Since March 2013 I have been employed by the Bank of England and, as such, am unable to offer public comment on matters that might relate to the work of the Bank or politics in the UK.

I may, at some point, return to blogging here on matters outside the domain of my work; but for now, this blog will remain dormant.

Minor changes

I’ve moved this blog from to the more sensible  No doubt by doing so, I’ll kill off all my Google ranking.  So be it.


I’ve updated the blog to version 3.2 of WordPress (the fullscreen editing of posts is nice).  Hopefully there’ll be no problems …

“The writing style is academic and upset most of the time.”


Then again, Urlai also thinks that I’m over 66 years old.

Is Paul Krugman nine times as interesting as sex?

My brother, who clearly has too much spare time on his hands, was yesterday browsing through my Archive page when he discovered that I have published 18 posts that refer to ‘Paul Krugman‘ in some way, but only two posts that refer to ‘sex‘.  This, he proposed, suggested either an unhealthy attachment to Professor Krugman, or a most disappointing detachment from fornication.

The present post brings the ratio from a lofty 9:1 down to only 6.3:1, but I fear it may still be too high!  Clearly a flood of pornographic material is called for …