Becoming British

I’ll never try to pretend that a Scottish tennis player or a bunch of South African cricket players are English, but today I sent off my application for naturalisation as a British citizen.  My grandmother would be proud.

3 Responses to “Becoming British”

  • I have in my bag the US naturalization papers. I am completing them as I get time. How [changed from ‘Who’ – Ed.] long is the process there? I have heard 4 months to 8 months here.

  • The British Home Office officially says that 95% are completed within six months, but the person who interviewed me this morning said that utterly boring, no-problem applications are typically two to three months.

    However, after that I still need to get into a ceremony to swear allegience to Her Majesty, which can take from one week to three months and after that it will take a minimum of six weeks to get a UK passport (which requires another interview).

  • But have you passed your queuing and whinging tests yet?

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