Changing the typesetting margins in Scientific Workplace

At least half of the LSE economics department uses Scientific Workplace, but an absurdly large fraction of all PDFs they produce have two-inch margins so they end up wasting half the page.

I finally got sufficiently annoyed to discover how to change it:

  1. Open a SW tex file
  2. Under the ‘Typeset’ menu, choose ‘Options and Packages…’
  3. Under the ‘Packages’ tab, add the ‘geometry’ package
  4. Under the ‘Typeset’ menu, choose ‘Preamble…’
  5. Add a line at the end specifying the margins.

For example:


Units of measurement available are listed on the webpage where I got this:

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  • John,
    Well discovered. This point, together with many others, is covered in our Scientific Word/WorkPlace training course which we’ve run at the LSE in the past, the last time being in April (2009).
    We’d love to come again – Training Course Options are as on our Training page at . Do please let the IT Training Team know how many people would be wanting to take advantage of professional Training in Scientific WorkPlace.
    All the best

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