Halloween pumpkin!

Okay, so we don’t really do Halloween in Australia or in Ecuador, but they do in America and that’s excuse enough for Dani to pull out the big guns:

2 Responses to “Halloween pumpkin!”

  • I really like the first photo with the knife hanging over the pumpkin in the background. According to the pumpkin craving booklet that I leafed through last weekend, if you rub vaseline (or as you call it, John, petroleum) over the cut marks, it will preserve it longer.

  • Hey, I hadn’t noticed that before … I should have swung the knife around so it points down into the pumpkin!

    Thanks for the tip. I’ll give it a whirl tonight.

    p.s. We call it vaseline in Australia, too. I think it’s only the Brits that call it petroleum jelly. Oh, brand names! How you capture our language!

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