Where is Obama’s big speech on sexism?

I can’t write much at the moment – exams – but it just occurred to me to ask:  Where is Obama’s big speech on sexism?

Why didn’t he give a month ago?  In particular, why didn’t he give it before the DNC made their decision on Florida and Michigan?  Giving it after Hillary bows out will look like what it will be – a naked political attempt to convince her most ardent supporters to turn up on the first Tuesday after the first Monday of November.  If he’d given it two months ago, it would have had at least a chance of being seen as an honest, even gracious attempt to reach out to the Hillary-voters and convince them that he believes in fighting all forms of bigotry.

5 Responses to “Where is Obama’s big speech on sexism?”

  • Maybe he was trying to deny Hillary oxygen. Also, the last thing he wants to look like is a poser who mouths off about things he hasn’t experienced himself, given the liberal elitist aura he has already managed to accumulate.

  • Okay, pretend that I prefixed everything with “Given that Obama is trying to be painted as an all-encompassing liberal that can heal the nation’s ills …”

    I’ll grant that the out-of-touch/liberal/elitist/Hollywood-type aura (what is that anyway?) has been successfully sprayed at him (example), but the mark of the successful politician is that they can convince a wide variety of people that normally think of their tribes as mutually exclusive that (s)he really understands all of them.

  • Adam Burke… did you go to the UW-Madison and work at the IMC? send me an email: mike@willyware.com

  • Sorry Mike, I’ve never even been to Wisconsin … just a common name.

  • Don’t you lie! I’m sure you’re a mid-Westerner. It’s that tell-tale drawl of yours. 🙂

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