iPhone goodness

I got an iPhone for Christmas. It was a bit of a pain to set up, since I was on 64-bit XP and Apple doesn’t support iTunes on it. I ended up with 32-bit Vista Ultimate. I’ve been excited about the iPhone and its competitors for a while, since they manage to combine six gadgets (all of which I’ve owned separately) in a single device:

  • Mobile phone
  • PDA
  • (mini-)Laptop
  • Camera
  • mp3/video player
  • USB stick

To a certain extent, the iPhone’s touchscreen and typically-Apple UI are just icing on the cake.

It’s obviously not perfect (what is?), but I’m pleased to discover that most of what I would like to be improved should be possible on the current generation:

Would need to be in a new generation Could probably happen with the current generation
  • 3G
  • A better camera (if that’s possible, given the space limitations)
  • More memory (it’s only 8GB)
  • GPS support
  • More battery capacity
  • FM receiver
  • Open it up to 3rd-party native applications
  • Merge the SMS and Voicemail apps into the Mail app – I only want to go to one place to see/hear my various messages
  • Implement a pseudo-GPS system by using the location of various mobile phone towers and link it into Google Maps
  • The ability to sync outside of iTunes
  • The ability to sync with Mozilla applications (thunderbird, firefox, etc)
  • The ability to sync iPhone notes with anything on the PC
  • The ability to sync wirelessly (I can’t believe that I need to plug it in to sync!)
  • Make the contact list accessible directly from the main screen
  • Allow the contact list to be used in the calendar
  • Include groups in the contact list (for sms or email)
  • The ability to record video
  • The ability to use an external keyboard/mouse/monitor (maybe through Bluetooth – does it have enough bandwidth?)
  • Voice recognition (the on-screen keyboard is good for what it is, but supplementing it would be nice)
  • Entirely new applications:
    • Lists (To do, to buy, etc)
    • Dictionary/Thesaurus
    • Instant Messaging (msn msngr, google talk, aim, etc)
    • Some form of VoIP when in an 802.11 area
    • Some sort of money-management
    • MS Office and PDF readers (if not editors)

I know that some of my list are available already for jailbroken iPhones, but I’m hesitant to do that.  I’m going to hold out for a while and see if the rumours about an SDK being released in February are true.

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