Identity theft

While everyone is focused on the HMRC accidentally misplacing CDs with the personal details of 25 million British citizens, I thought I’d relate the following little story.  I was in a major bank on Hampstead High Street [*] today.  While I was there, I overheard a staff member talking to another (the manager?) about a recent spate of thieves who put card readers on the ATMs (cashpoints).  She had just discovered that one of the ATMs outside the branch had been tampered with again.  I then had this conversation with the personal banker I was seeing:

Me:  Would you take cash out of the teller machine outside?

Personal Banker:  Me?  No way.

Me:  Where would you take cash out?

Personal Banker:  I’d use the cashpoint inside the bank, but never outside.

Hmmm …

[*] For those that don’t know, Hampstead is one of the wealthier parts of London.

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